Exceptional place in Normandy

A very exclusive chateau for a stunning stay 

in Normandy 

"Less than 2 hours from Paris and easily reachable through the A28 highway, this property is an extraordinary spot.  The park designed by the Belgian landscape architect René Péchère is a real discovery. The design and the high quality of living that you will find in the house will make your stay very comfortable. Plus, you will be able to enjoy a tennis court, a swimming pool and a gym. This castle is also the perfect quiet space to work, write, read, draw or create alone or in small groups.

You will enjoy the multiple landscapes of region, for a weekend or a whole week in this secluded place, surrounded by greenery.


By opening the doors to travellers, I hope that you will all get the same feelings I do every time I am there."











Paul (Owner)

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